Bullying is a complex issue. As such, it does not have a simple solution. Your kids might not have a propensity to bully or be bullied, but even if they are just bystanders, bullying still impacts them. And it’s possible that bullying is even more common among adults than it is among kids. It’s crucial for you to make bullying one of your regular and ongoing conversations with your kids so they know how to react to it when they either experience it or see it—or in case they’re the bullies.
This Parent Guide is an invitation to prayer, confession, and self-evaluation as much as it is an invitation to talk about money and generosity with your teen. We pray that this content increases our capacity and desire to invite God into every aspect of our lives—even our bank accounts.
The purpose of this guide is not to give a definitive solution to the problem of racism, to give a history of racism, or to unpack every way racism may intertwine with our social systems today. At Axis, our goal is always to equip parents and caring adults with information and confidence to have conversations with the teens in their lives. We want you to be ready when the topic of racism arises, so this guide will be based on a Biblical understanding of what racism is and how we as Christians are called to respond to it. Our goal is for you to be able to create a space where you can talk about the difficult topic of race in a way that creates empathy and understanding in both your teen and yourself, and ultimately brings glory to God.
The goal of this parent guide is to walk with you through the specific experience of discussing politics with the young people in your life—how to navigate conversations that are often difficult, distressing, and dividing. Our hope is that wherever you fall politically, you see this guide as an encouragement to pursue the heart of Christ as you seek to disciple the teens that you love.